Professional Automotive Locksmith Services Near My Area

Professional Automotive Locksmith Services Near My Area

Automotive Locksmiths are able to work on just about any car. They can even replace or re-key ignitions. This allows the owner to have a spare key.

Aside from working on the most basic keys, they also work with fobs and other electrical parts of a vehicle. They are often available 24/7.

Key Fobs

Key fobs are a convenient way to start your car but also pose security risks. Thankfully, locksmiths have the tools and skills to deal with these types of security risks.

Older keys without fobs are simple for locksmiths to make copies of, but newer cars often require specialized equipment to program the key fob. This is because modern car keys contain a special transponder chip that emits an unlock signal to the vehicle’s key reader.

Some carmakers offer instructions on how to do-it-yourself fob programming in the owner’s manual, but the procedure may still involve a lot of trial and error. Some locksmiths have the necessary programming equipment for many makes and models, while others may only be able to work with older or less expensive vehicles. Dealerships typically charge more for key fob replacements. Car insurance often covers the cost, but it counts against your deductible.


Many newer cars have immobilizers, which are a major theft deterrent. They prevent the car from starting if it doesn’t recognize the correct transponder key. A locksmith can “clone” or register a new key so it will be recognized by the car’s immobilizer computer.

Some immobilizer systems have two tiers of security, with a permanent code and a changing one. The first one is read by the transponder and compared with the second, if they match then the engine will start. UK government statistics show that vehicle theft dropped dramatically after immobilizers became standard in most cars.

If you need a replacement key for your car’s immobilizer system, our auto locksmiths are qualified to do it quickly and correctly. We have the tools and equipment to get you back on the road without damaging your car. We can also help with a variety of other auto locksmith needs, such as replacing locks. Contact A-MAX today to schedule an appointment.

Door Locks

Door locks are the physical mechanisms that secure your car’s doors. They consist of a lock cylinder and strike plate that create a box to hold the bolt or latch that keeps the door shut. The cylinder has pins in a line that can be pushed back with a key to open the door. The strike plate prevents the bolt from extending too far into the door, which could break the glass and allow a robber to enter your car.

Sometimes a key may snap in a door or ignition lock due to natural wear or a misaligned lock. If this happens, an automotive locksmith will use a key extraction kit to remove the skinny part of the key from the crevices in the lock cylinder.

An auto locksmith can also program a new key for your vehicle when you’ve lost the original or it’s been stolen. They’ll be able to communicate with the car’s transponder so that it recognizes the new key as valid.


Almost every driver or vehicle owner dreads locking their keys inside their car. In some cases this can be avoided by simply having a spare key fob, but most of the time you have to call an automotive locksmith for help.

These keys use a radio signal to communicate with the car and open its doors and start the engine. Each key has a microchip embedded that needs to match the signal with the one installed in the car to work. These are not able to be duplicated and make theft much harder for criminals.

Often times these are used to operate garage or gate remote controls. Some of them even have multiple buttons that can control several gates with a single controller. Unlike the older fixed code system, newer car remotes have switched to a rolling code. That makes them almost impossible to intercept with a simple device like a ‘code grabber’. Most automotive locksmiths carry these types of replacement keys and can usually replace or program them for you.

Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly